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Mid laner from TSM, namely Bryle, claims that Somnus, former mid laner for PSG.LGD is like a “robot”!

TSM, previously Team Undying, managed to make a comfortable finish in The International 10. Their TI 10 experience forged their skills and mental strength.

With this, the team managed to be consistent in DPC NA.

Bryle, the player who occupies the mid lane position, said that the strongest mid laner he faced was Somnus.

In an interview, Bryle explained that the former mid laner from PSG.LGD is very similar to a robot. Somnus can get CS and Deny perfectly, akin to a robot. This made Bryle very impressed with the mid laner.

This experience made Bryle stronger against other mid laners in the NA region, where he is currently competing.

“The strongest midlaner? I would have to say Somnus, probably. I remember when I played him at TI10, this guy is just insane. This guy has robotic laning skills. Everything he does is robotic. Perfect CS, perfect deny and that was the hardest I’ve laned against.”

Interestingly, Bryle did not mention the names of famous midlaners in NA like Abed or Gunnar.

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