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It’s been almost a month since patch 7.31 has been released, and there are still some hidden heroes that haven’t been played properly. Curious?

Some players have started playing the latest patch, 7.31, by playing meta heroes like Tiny and Ogre Magi. These heroes look quite compatible with the current meta and can dominate the course of the game.

However, it turns out that there are 3 heroes who are still hidden even though their winrate is quite high in pubs.

  1. Omninkight
    Omniknight is a support hero or utility offlane that is rarely used in pubs. This hero doesn’t look very strong, but the changes he got make him quite strong now. He can now be a lane dominator and also stop enemy stun combos.
  1. Lone Druid
    Lone Druid now sits at a 53% winrate with a very small pickrate of around 2%. This hero gets so many buffs that he can become a pretty scary carry now. However, due to its micro intensity, many players choose not to play it.
  1. Rikimaru
    Riki is now one of the strongest heroes in 7.31 who is still hidden. Winrate is almost the same as Lone Druid, which is 52.70%. The change to Blink Strike which now makes the enemy slow is one of the strongest changes for the hero.

Unfortunately, there are still many players who don’t know how to use Riki properly and correctly. His pickrate is now at 7%, almost the same as the Omniknight at 4%.

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