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MobaZane Believes He’s Too Good For MDL

Dethan Dario

MobaZane, a BTK player who will come to Indonesia, believes that he is too good for MDL. A signal to join EVOS Legends directly?

This February, Indonesia will have the sensational player from America, namely MobaZane. He and his team, BTK, had an excellent performance during M3. Thanks to his performance, MobaZane got the opportunity to prove his skills in Asia, starting from Indonesia.

However, he gave a signal that he wanted to start straight from the top level, not from the MDL.

He revealed his intentions during an interview with Zeys on his podcast. MobaZane said that he felt his level was already above MDL level. He said that MDL is a small tournament, like “Baby MPL”.

“MDL? No, no MDL. I know I deserve more than Indonesian MDL, bro.”

MobaZane continued that he knew many good players who also played on MDL. However, he felt that he could play in the tournament better than MDL.

The player from the United States also said that he understood the importance of the tryout phase before joining a team. He also believes that he can potentially become a Top 3 MLBB player in the world with enough practice.

Whatever the outcome of his time in Asia, hopefully, MobaZane can make the best of his MLBB career.

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