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Entity Decimates Ramzes CIS Rejects Again

Dethan Dario

Entity defeated CIS Rejects again, a team from Lower Bracket who will be promoted next season, which is also Ramzes’ team.

CIS Rejects, the team that will be promoted to the Upper Division DPC CIS next season, lost again against their rival, Entity. Previously, they had clashed after Entity defeated CIS Rejects in the same tournament and talked in all-chat against Ramzes who was the carry.

In fact, one of the Entity team members, namely Fishman, was also previously involved in accusations of racism against w33ha.

Previously, Entity had also defeated CIS Rejects and issued trash-talked all-chat, aimed at Ramzes. The beforementioned player from Russia is quite famous for being toxic in public games. Many believed that’s the reasons Ramzes got targeted by the Entity players.

Many are anticipating their match because there is a possibility of revenge from CIS Rejects or continuous trash talk from Entity. However, the match turned out to be normal and “quiet”.

Apparently, Ramzes missed the match and was replaced by a stand-in. That’s probably what made the match run as usual without any all-chat like before. Entity won the first game easily, then CIS Rejects returned the score to 1-1 with a win in the second game.

In the end, Entity defeated CIS Rejects in the third game at 37 minutes, and the match ended peacefully without any trashtalk.

Apparently, Ramzes’ absence affected the game’s conditions to normal without any tension between the two teams. However, many are anticipating the return of Ramzes in the next matches.

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