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TNC Breaks Losestreak in DPC Against OB Neon

Vberni Regalado

TNC Predator finally got 1 point after defeating a fellow DPC SEA loser, namely OB Neon, who just beaten T1.

A very embarrassing incident almost happened in the Upper Division of DPC SEA. TNC Predator, one of the veteran teams that had earned the respect of the SEA Dota audience, has suffered 6 defeats without a single win. However, TNC finally managed to get 1 valuable point by defeating OB.Neon with a landslide score of 2-0.

The first game started with OB Neon which appeared quite aggressive and equaled the pacing of their enemies. They get a gold lead in the early game, but fall off in the mid game against the Phantom Assassin who gets a powerspike. Rubick from TNC also managed to steal multiple Ravage and turn around several teamfights. Having failed to secure the midgame, OB Neon gave up in the 41st minute.

The second game started equally for both teams. Both OB Neon and TNC appeared very aggressive until the early game was even. However, in the 20th minute, TNC made good use of their power spike and pushed their enemy to base with the Death Prophet hero.

This time, OB Neon gave up at an earlier minute, which was the 24th minute and gave TNC the first point throughout this season’s DPC.

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