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Dreamocel Avoids Ana After Playing Together

Dethan Dario

A funny incident occurred when Dreamocel played a public game with Ana, which made Mocel avoid the TI Winner. Because of what?

OG Ana

Playing with a TI Winner is certainly something that is quite exciting for Dota players. The TI Winners certainly have proven skills, and understand how to win games even though they have been absent from Dota for quite a while.

However, this did not happen for Dreamocel who played with Ana and lost.

Mocel immediately added Ana to his avoid list after finishing playing.

This happened because Ana’s game was not very good when playing with Dreamocel. Ana is seen several times dying due to out of position, and make his team loses too much.

Mocel looks resigned when the enemy team was knocking on the base. Finally, Ana died without a buyback when they almost came back in the 43rd minute, ensuring a defeat.

Mocel just said “Sorry Ana, no hard feelings” after adding him to the avoid list.

Randy “Dreamocel” Sapoetra

It seemed he finally doubted Ana’s abilities which he still believed in before the game started. Some comments on Youtube deplore Mocel’s actions which they think are detrimental to himself.

However, there are also those who say that Ana should be included in the avoid list because he often plays heroes outside of the meta which is detrimental to his team.

Do you agree with this opinion or not? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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