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Riot to Add New Champions From Arcane Series

Dethan Dario

Riot is about to add some Arcane magic in the League of Legends itself!

Arcane: Animated Series Announcement | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition -  League of Legends - YouTube

Riot Games earlier shocked the mainstream media with its first-ever TV show “Arcane” which is now number 2 on IMDB’s most popular.

Arcane is a series that explains how several characters in the League have become prominent.

In the first season of Arcane, there were many characters that are foreign to gamers. Unlike fan favorites Vi, and Jinx, characters such as Silco and Mel Medarda are yet to set foot in the game.


In a certain interview, Lead Champion Producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles confirmed that the possibility of adding Arcane characters in the game is high.

He revealed that the team is already exploring the idea for the future.

With how much Arcane has resonated with so many players and viewers, the Champs team is definitely excited to explore characters from Arcane as long as they actually make sense in our MOBA setting,” he said.

Possible Champion Additions from Arcane

  • Mel Medarda
    • Mel Medarda has been fans’ most loved and most hated character in the series. Many are actually torn to her character who dragged Jayce to his messy life-story. However, her unique backstory sets Mel to be one of the biggest characters in the series. With theories about her sigil, many fans would definitely be pleased should she be added in-game to explain her lore.
Who is Mel in Arcane?
  • Sevika
    • Coolest body guard? Many fans hate Sevika’s character for being an actual nuisance for Vi. Her character shows her loyalty to Silco whom she even protected from their team’s traitors. With her comical battle with Vi, many fans are looking forward for her to become a character. Slices everywhere? Who wouldn’t like that?!
Vi and Sevika
  • Ambessa Medarda
    • Imagine a muscular woman who’s reeking of lustfulness… That will be Ambessa Medarda for you! Ambessa is Mel’s mother in the series. Her character boasts a proud woman who will never double think in killing anyone who goes her way. Despite not having a battle-scene in the series, her addition in the game would definitely be a candy for players!
Ambessa Medarda

How long should we wait for these characters? Despite it being in the works, Arcane characters’ additions will definitely take longer than expected.

As of this moment, two champions are already in-line for release and are not related to the series. Will our Arcane favorites be next in line?

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