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Jinx, Vi, Jayce Pick Rates Skyrocket Following Arcane’s Success

Dethan Dario

Arcane’s success is definitely showing in-game!

League of Legends - Arcane

Riot’s Netflix series Arcane just released its second act, and its success is echoing in the gamers’ in-game experiences.

League of Legends is now seeing a rise in the pick rates of Arcane main characters Jinx, Vi, and Jayce.

Arcane Vi

Based on records, sisters Jinx and Vi had a significant increase in terms of their pick rates. Vi recently increased by 5.2 percent in terms of her pick rate. This increased her pick rate to 8.4% compared to all other champions in the game.

On the other hand, Jinx is now one of the top in terms of being the highest-picked champion. The hero received a 4.3 percent increase in pick rate, making her soar to a 15 percent pick rate and the 10th highest in the game.

Powder (Jinx)

Similarly, the Sheriff of Piltover Caitlyn received similar favor from the series. Currently, Caitlyn now sits in the top seven in terms of being a most-picked champion. Her rise in the ranking followed after having a 3.3 percent increase since the release of Arcane. The champion now sits at 16.4 percent compared to the other champions.

Of course, the child of progress in the series, Jayce, also got himself blessed by the Arcane. The founder of Hextech significantly rose in terms of his pick rate, seeing an increase of 6.3% since the release of the series.

Arcane Jayce

Meanwhile, other Hexctech contributors Heimerdinger and Viktor only saw a very mild increase.

While these heroes’ pick rates rose because of Arcane, the series has also affected the game’s ban rates. Currently, Jayce now sits as the most banned champion across all ranks.

Aside from being the most banned, the hero also faced a significant drop in terms of his win rate.


With the series’ continuous teasers and teasers, will be seeing more changes in-game? Will we be seeing a massive drop in the win rates of other Arcane characters/champions?

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