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Riot: Silco Not Coming to League of Legends

Dethan Dario

Silco has been one of Arcane’s biggest characters… but he may be too small for League of Legends.


According to Riot Games, the Arcane character Silco will be joining the game Teamfight Tactics. However, the developers confirmed that the character will not be a champion in the League’s future.

“Typically, we’re able to adapt League of Legends champions to Teamfight Tactics, with, well, a lot of work, but Silco isn’t coming to League of Legends, so we’ve had to build him from the ground up,” Riot told.

Originally, Silco was designed only for League of Legends’ first-ever tv series, Arcane. His character is one of the most hated personalities in the series for his despiteful storyline.


Silco’s name will continue to prosper in the League’s world with his addition to the Teamfight Tactics.

Despite the announcement of his addition to TFT, Riot has yet to disclose the character’s stats and abilities.

With Riot’s vision for the future, the developers are planning to include a new marksman champion the game.

Teamfight Tactics

According to them, a “kinetic marksman who is always on the move,” will be part of the game’s champion roadmap.

With regard TFT, the developers also confirmed that Silco will not be the last non-League-based character in its future.

“And while Silco may be the first non-League unit to join TFT, there may be more outsiders joining us in the future,” Riot mentioned.

“Maybe some from outside of Runeterra entirely,” they added.


With this mindset being imposed by Riot Games, do you think other Arcane characters will only be added to TFT? What about our Sevika as League champion dream?

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