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Valve Rescues Stuck Chinese Players Due to TI 10

Vberni Regalado

Good news came from Valve!

Players from China who are stuck in Romania because of The International 10 will get accommodation and PC assistance.

Several players from China got stuck after attending the TI10 tournament by Valve last week. Reportedly, these players came from teams that were previously affected by Covid, such as Vici Gaming, Aster, and Invictus Gaming. Regulations from China require them to isolate abroad for 1 month. Therefore, they cannot return until their one-month isolation in Romania is over.

Vici Gaming

This situation is certainly problematic for all parties, both the Chinese team and Valve. They need to compete in order to maintain the sharpness of skills, but there is no certainty whether they will compete in European tournaments or not. Some do not agree over the fact that Chinese teams will compete in European tournaments. They assume that these teams will steal the slots of other European teams who have struggled to get those slots.

However, many also think that this could be a form of assistance for the Chinese teams. It’s very unfair that they can’t get DPC points just because they can’t go back to China. What do you think? Should they compete in Europe or not? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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