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Eyepatch-less Ceb, No-Show Aster, IG: Here’s How Quarterfinals Opening Commenced!

Dethan Dario

The quarterfinals opening of TI 10 is spicier than you might think!

The International 10’s quarterfinals opening commenced with a remarkable show which was pleasing for everyone’s eyes, and ears.

JJ-Lin playing in the opening, Ceb without his eye patch, Aster and IG being absent in the presentation… here’s what you might have missed!

Ceb is No Longer Wearing his Eye Patch!

Surprise of all surprises!

No Eye Patch Ceb

The nerfed offlaner of OG might play some better Dota as Ceb is no longer wearing his eye patch. The defending champions OG faced some shocking surprises ahead of TI after announcing that their offlaner Ceb will be out of TI.

OG initially announced that Micke will be subbing in for the team. The team, however, eventually announced that they’ll be playing with the original cast.

Now, the defending champs are now set to defend their title with a fully recovered Ceb!

Aster, IG, No-Show in Quarterfinals Opening

Ahead of the group stage, the Chinese community has already faced bigger challenges after two teams from the region contracted COVID19.

Aster initially reported that some of its players have contracted the virus. The team eventually reported that the full team have contracted the virus making them unable to make any physical appearance in TI.

Following Aster, IG also reported that its players JT, flyflyfly, and super have also contracted the same virus.

PSG.LGD’s xiao8 previously revealed that teams with COVID positives will be playing remotely. As shown in the opening, both teams with COVID were on a no-show.

JJ Lin Plays in TI 10′ Opening Ceremony

Confused about who was playing in the opening?

Team SMG owner and Singaporean musician JJ Lin was the one who played in the opening ceremony. The celebrity was the one who played the crazy piano music which totally drove the tune of the fans during the ceremony.

JJ Lin is a famous musician who also expresses his love for Dota 2. The musician has created his own team, ‘Team SMG’ where MidOne currently resides. His team, however, has failed to make any mark at the scene regarded by fans to be a crappy one.

Do you think we missed anything in the opening? What do you think we missed in this story? Share them with us by commenting on our social media pages!

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