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Choked? T1 Outpowered by LGD, Drops to Lower Bracket

Dethan Dario

T1 had it near… yet so far! The curse of LGD continues!

With the hopes of breaking the losing streak, T1 faced yet another beating from PSG.LGD, 2-1.

The SEA favorites fought the Chinese powerhouse in their first match in the upper bracket. With their devastating loss, Kuku and his squad are now set to fight for survival down in the lower bracket.

T1 versus LGD Recap: Game 1

Game one of the series appeared more equally at the early stage. The Chinese Dota gods drafted, however, a more dominant pick with a Magnus offlane to empower the Terrorblade Ame.

T1 on the other hand tried to respond with a Morphling carry supported by a Weaver support. The disappointing fact however was T1 drafting a Legion Commander on Kuku despite a potential friendly Sunder from TB.

The early phase slightly favored PSG.LGD with Ame taking the overall gold lead. Despite taking almost equal kills, T1 trailed behind by a 5k gold.

Things completely slipped out of the SEA representatives however after PSG.LGD secured multiple crucial kills eventually taking them straight to the throne, 34 minutes in.

T1 versus LGD Recap: Game 2

The SEA representatives entered game two with a more hungry stomach after showing a stronger performance.

T1 this time picked a more reasonable draft choosing a Doom on Karl as a response on PSG.LGD’s Death Prophet. Kuku and his squad also added more heat on their picks with a Magnus offlane plus a Medusa carry.

The early farming stage of the game appeared very equal from both sides. Things started to favor T1 however after the team managed to get equal kills made better by more farms.

The see-saw battle completely catapulted LGD out of the game after T1’s Doom secured important ultimates on Earth Shaker and Death Prophet making them useless in team fights.

23savage made the game look easier for T1 after his lock-item Medusa completely destroyed their opponents slowly but surely. The intense battle ended with the Chinese squad calling the GG at 54:46 minute mark following the back-and-forth buybacks.

T1 versus LGD Recap: Game 3

Hoping to close out the series, PSG.LGD returned with a more convincing game in game three taking a relatively faster game, 37 minutes.

LGD had put on a show with their completely devastating draft led by a fierce Ursa on Ame. T1 tried to counter with their Venomancer offlane but to no avail.

Throughout the game, LGD showed nothing but dominance eventually squeezing T1’s space down to nothing. The Chinese powerhouse eventually took the game convincingly with a less intense match-up.

After their devastating defeat, Kuku and his squad will now fight for their lives down in the lower bracket. PSG.LGD on the other hand will remain in the upper bracket and will be facing the winner in Virtus.Pro and Vici Gaming’s match-up.

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