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Team Secret CEO Hopes for EG to Lose Because of Their ‘Hideous’ Uniforms

Dethan Dario

Team Secret CEO chimes in on the already hot The International 10!

Team Secret CEO Comments on EG's Uniform

John Yao, Team Secret CEO, recently posted on his Facebook his sentiments regarding Evil Geniuses’ TI 10 run.

The CEO told that Evil Geniuses should already drop out of the competition because he couldn’t stand seeing their ‘hideous’ uniforms.

“I am devout Church of Babaev follower but EG needs to lose so I don’t have to look at these hideous uniforms anymore,” he said.

Notably, Secret had Arteezy play for them in 2015 where they placed only at 8th-7th in TI.

Remarkably, the organization has been famous for its spicy comments against its several competitions.

Now, it’s their CEO himself who’s getting into the world of spicy exchanges.

Recently, Secret released controversial remarks where they called OG as ‘trash’. Additionally, the CEO also sees Invictus Gaming as the start of their real challenge.

Apparently, for the CEO, OG was not viewed as a tough competition for the team.

With his recent comment, it appears the CEO is very confident with their uniform’s design. Team Secret is very active in marketing their very sleek merch designs.

The organization also has a very fashionable hoodie in partnership with Champion.

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