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Yawar and SumaiL’s Connection Explained

Dethan Dario

Everyone had it after Yawar said ‘gg lil bro’ after getting beat up by OG!

Sumail, Yawar, Brothers

OG versus Quincy Crew was regarded as the Hassan bowl as brothers Yawar and Sumail fought head-on for survival.

Both teams had to fight for survival in the lower bracket. The defending champions OG were forced to have the sibling battle after falling down 2-0 from Team Secret.

Yawar versus SumaiL: OG, Quincy Crew Recap

The opening minutes of game one was a definite see-saw battle between both teams. Things completely slipped away from OG however after Yawar’s Monkey King plus Quinn’s Kunkka made things difficult for their foes.

SumaiL’s Luna completely struggled after Quincy Crew completely disabled him multiple times. Quincy Crew took command of the series until Topson took things up to his hands.

Yawar GG Lil Bro

OG’s midlaner’s Void Spirit completely voided Quincy Crew’s lead after completely devastating the team’s backlines. Going with 20/3/4 and dealing more than 45,000 hero damage, Topson completely decimates Quincy to take game one.

OG continued to snowball with their game one win in their second game. Continuing with his game one godly performance, Topson’s Dawnbreaker completely hammered down Quincy to take another MVP performance.

SumaiL completely recovered from his game one performance after taking a dominant Templar Assassin game making Quincy Crew’s defeat inevitable.

Everyone’s tears completely dropped after Yawar posted a “GG gl lil bro” in all chat.

Yawar and Sumail’s Connection

Everyone who is not a fan of Dota was literally confused about the ruckus regarding Yawar’s closing chat.

For everyone’s idea, Yawar and Sumail are real-life brothers. Both players were born in Karachi, Pakistan. SumaiL is the first to play Dota when he was eight years old. Their family moved into the United States in 2012.

Yawar, SumaiL

SumaiL has been the more successful Dota 2 pro for his The International win in 2015. After his success in EG, the player left the team in 2019 eventually joining Quincy Crew the same year. The player had the chance to play alongside his brother Yawar until he left in 2020 to join OG.

The brothers had the chance to face each other in TI 10 in a dramatic fashion. Their lower bracket face-off was a fight for survival where Sumail and his team emerged victorious eventually knocking Quincy Crew and Yawar out of TI.

With their intense face-off, everyone felt as if they were watching Itachi versus Sasuke all over again!

With their convincing win, OG is now set to fight another day on October 15 against Team Spirit.

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