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ANOTHER SUSPENSION? NXPE’s Dogie to Join MPL PH Penalty Train?

Vberni Regalado

The controversial Week 7 match between Nexplay EVOS and Omega Esports becomes even more controversial. That’s thanks to NXPE’s Dogie.

At the end of third match of an overall unusual face-off between the two teams, Setsuna “Akosidogie” Ignacio made the throat-cutting gesture as he celebrates NXPE’s win against Omega.

OHEB’s Suspension a Basis for NXPE’s Dogie?

Just last Saturday, Blacklist International’s OHEB received a two-match suspension and a 500-dollar fine for raising his middle finger.

These gestures violate  rule 12.2.1, which states that, “Any action that is generally considered to be insulting (including but not limited to vertical middle finger, hook index finger, etc.) or action prohibited by MPL-PH (choke pose or throat-cutting action) are forbidden to be shown in any place.”

In its sanction statement to OHEB’s misdemeanor, MPL said it “does not tolerate any form of abusive behavior in the league and we expect our professional players to follow a strict code of conduct. Let’s work together to build a more mature and professional league.”

Blacklist International was quick to issue an apology.

In their statement, Blacklist apologized to the fans, OMEGA Esports, and the MPL and ML community.

“The management of Blacklist International would like to apologize to our fans, to OMEGA, and the rest of the MPL and ML community for the unsportsmanlike behavior that our player Oheb displayed after our match,” the statement read.

The MPL Operating Committee is yet to issue a statement regarding this issue. On the other hand, the Committee issued a separate statement regarding the controversial matches played by NXPE and Omega Esports.

In August this year, MSC 2021 MVP Grant Duane Pillas of Omega Esports, also known as Kelra, faced multiple penalties. This was following his sexist remarks against Blacklist International’s Ohmyv33nus.

Will NXPE’s Dogie join the penalty train by the MPL PH Operating Committee for his actions?

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