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JaMill Ends YouTube Run with 12 Million Subscribers Amid Taxation Warning

Dethan Dario

Top YouTubers famous for “clout” tricks announced that they are quitting YouTube.

Camille Trinidad of the JaMill duo told on Twitter that they are already “signing off”. The couple’s channel boasts a 12-million following.

Upon checking, the couple have already deleted their YouTube channel.

The duo is originally famous on social media for being a fun real-life couple. JaMill’s contents revolved around their day-to-day lives with whom netizens, especially couples can relate to.

In the afternoon of August 19, Camille Trinidad announced on Twitter, “Jamill is signing off.”

Camille later on clarified that they have actually deleted their channel. “Yes deleted na po ang channel.” (Yes, the channel has been deleted.) she tweeted.

The influencer continued to explain that they did so for their relationship. She told that they were simply choosing their relationship over influence.

It can be remembered that the couple had multiple issues this year including the cheating of Jayzam Manabat, Camille’s other half.

On his own Twitter channel, Jayzam also tweeted a message regarding their decision.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened,” he said.

For Clout? JaMill Uploads on FaceBook

Despite clarifications done on Twitter, the couple uploaded a video still explaining their decision to quit YouTube.

On the video, they insisted that they have already deleted their channel and that it is not a joke.

“Deleted na talaga YT (YouTube) namin. Hindi joke o prank o kung ano.” (Our YouTube has really been deleted. This isn’t a joke or prank or any other thing.)

The couple then continued to explain that they deleted their channel to be in peace.

“Sobrang saya [ng] na-experience namin sa YouTube pero this time mas priority na namin ang relasyon naming dalawa. Gusto namin habang buhay talaga kaming nagmamahalan mga ka-igan. Share this video to spread the news, para di sila mabiktima ng fake news. Eto ang dahilan and I hope i-respeto ‘nyo kami mga ka-igan,” the post said.

(Our YouTube experience made us extremely happy but this time our priority is our relationship. We want to be together forever. Share this video to spread the news so they won’t get victimized by fake news. This is the reason and I hope you respect us.) told Jayzam.

However, their channel could potentially comeback quickly as the couple told that they are in communication with YouTube.

The couple explained that they are in touch with YouTube as they also want to upload their Facebook video on YouTube.

Jayzam later on told that it is already impossible to bring back their channel as YouTube cannot restore their account.

Quitting YouTube as Means to Escape Tax?

Ahead of their departure from the platform, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) declared that they are looking into taxing influencers and other content creators as well.

They told that their team is conducting a full-blown tax investigation on said internet personalities.

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