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JaMill Deletes Youtube Channel to Escape Multi-Million Taxes, BIR Says

Dethan Dario

Tax collectors fires shot at Jamill for deleting their YouTube channel.


Influencer duo JaMill who recently deleted their YouTube channel is being accused of avoiding taxes says Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

According to the investigation of the bureau, the couple raked P50 to P100 million for the past two years. Said income allowed the couple to own a mansion and even a luxury car.

BIR told that the couple deleted their channel after they announced that they’re looking into taxing social media influencers (SMIs).


Additionally, the bureau disclosed that they will still go after the couple regardless of their channel being deleted.

The bureau explained that influencers are considered self-employed which subjects them to a 12% value-added tax. This, given that they generate a P3 million as minimum annual income.

Influencers who have an annual income below the said amount but not lower than 250k are also subject to an eight percent tax.

BIR Commissioner

Meanwhile, influencers whose annual income is lower than 250k will become tax-exempt.

The BIR Commissioner also warned the influencers to be truthful pertaining to their tax declarations. The commissioner asked the influencers to avoid evading taxes.

Jamill who recently deleted their channel told fans that they are choosing to live a simpler life. In a video uploaded on Facebook, the couple mentioned that they are choosing their relationship over their YouTube career.

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