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Bigetron Gets UHigh From Team Secret?

Vberni Regalado

Bigetron gets Uhigh for its PUBGM team?

There’s juicy gossip ahead of PMPL Indonesia S4. According to the rumor, Bigetron RA is going to add a new international roster.

This rumor started from BTR Zuxxy’s live stream. He said there will be roster addition which he believed will shock the PUBG Mobile Esports community. However, he can’t say more than that even the roster’s name because he’s afraid he’s going to get a heavy penalty from his CEO, Edwin.

“So, this is just the possibility. Well, most of you know lah, the best player, has white skin, small, sweet, that’s it. (If I say more) I’ll be killed by Edwin,” said Zuxxy.

Until right now, the rumor starts spreading a bit wild. The official account of PUBG Mobile Esport Indonesia also gave a hint that there will be some international players during this transfer market. They also unsparingly provided a roster silhouette in Team Secret, FaZe Clan, and Nova Esport jerseys.\

@btrstuff.id account also began to strengthen the rumor of this new BTR RA’s roster. They even provide detailed updates on the cooperation’s development between Bigetron and the international team.

The roster’s name is UHigh from Team Secret MY. According to @btrstuff.id (https://www.instagram.com/p/CR8AMFMrN6D/), Bigetron has made an official offer to Team Secret for UHigh. Even so, they warned their followers that this news can change at any time. Bigetron and Team Secret are also waiting for a definite contract before the announcement of the “mega transfer”.

Exciting, huh? We would like to also remind you that this is still a rumor. Stay tuned to Hyprgame for the next update!

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