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EXCLUSIVE: uHigh No Regrets on Playing with Team Secret

Dethan Dario

Team Secret has recently announced that its former MVP uHigh will be leaving the team.

secret uhigh | Cute boys images, Secret, Team wallpaper

Prior to his departure, uHigh’s transfer to another team was initially hinted at in BTR Zuxxy’s live stream. According to the Bigetron player, uHigh was bound for the team.

Zuxxy hinted that BTR will have a recent addition on its roster. However, he said that he cannot specify the name as he might receive a heavy penalty from their CEO.

BTR Luxxy Breaks Up with Her Lover due to Being Cheated on in 2021 |  Breakup, Instagram story, Cheating

“So, this is just the possibility. Well, most of you know lah, the best player, has white skin, small, sweet, that’s it. (If I say more) I’ll be killed by Edwin,” said Zuxxy.

This statement from Zuxxy drew speculations that it might be Team Secret’s uHigh.

Hyprgame’s Exclusive Interview with uHigh

In an exclusive interview, TS’ uHigh revealed that he doesn’t have any regret on playing with Team Secret.

When asked about his regrets about him staying with the team, he told that his experience with TS built his character.

Biodata uHigh Pemain PUBG Mobile Malaysia - MY INFO SUKAN

“Do you have any regrets in playing with Team Secret?” the team asked.

“I don’t (have) no regrets at all. I think this is the part of my journey, I would say. Because they make whoever am I today. Without them, I don’t think I can reach this far. So thank you so much, my teammate, Team Secret, for having me!” the player answered.

uHigh started his run with Team Secret in February 2020. The young pro has won several accomplishments during his stay with TS.

In 2020 alone, uHigh has won three championships with Team Secret PMPL Split Spring 2020: MYSG.

Aside from championship runs, uHigh has also achieved an MVP award in 2020 during PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: MYSG Finals.

As of this moment, the young pro has yet to announce where he would be heading next. But the biggest rumor is that he’ll be donning the red and white jersey of Bigetron anytime soon. Bigetron has already created an Instagram account for uHigh, similar to the account handles of their pro players.

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