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Previously Banned from Playing Pro, Jamppi and VSM can Play CSGO Again

Vberni Regalado

Valve, as the publisher of Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), seems to be trying to show its wisdom by giving opportunities to players who have previously been banned.

Of the many cases that have been followed up by Valve’s supervisory organization Valve Anti Cheat (VAC), there were two cases that seem to have shocked the gaiming world the most. It is Elias’ Jamppi ”Lokkhonesn and Vinicius“ VSM ”Moreira who have been witnessed by Valve because of the tragedy they did before.

At first the sanctions given did not have a period of time (except for Valve) to revoke them. However, recently Valve has just announced an update in the guidelines and regulations for imposing sanctions that they have imposed on VAC suspects. After careful consideration by Valve, Valve surprisingly announced that those who had been sanctioned by Valve were allowed to return to participate in CSGO competitions.

As per the updated guidelines, former perpetrators, will be allowed to take part in Valve competitions once again. Luckily for Jamppi and VSM who have met these criteria. Valve’s decision was clearly a moment of great relief for them.

Jamppi himself did have a historical record of his long dispute with Valve. Thanks to the tragedy, Jamppi decided to retire from the game and switch to Valorant. This even applies to VSM, which is now plunging as a professional Valorant player.

Regardless of whether or not the incident that involved them before was true, it must also be admitted that these two players are players who are loved by the CSGO community. So much support have been pinned on them after knowing that they can return to compete in Valve’s official matches.

Well, both of them will decide to return to playing as CSGO professional players, and it’s only matter of time to see their comeback. As long as they still have qualified skills, it seems that there will still be many teams waiting for their arrival to invite them to join. It’s never too late to be able to start over from scratch.

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