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Careful Playing CSGO if You Care About Your Personal Data

Vberni Regalado

Counter Strike: Global Offensive allows hackers to steal passwords. Unfortunately, until now, Valve still hasn’t fixed it. In fact, CSGO players have been warned about the problematic bug. This bug allows hackers for stealing players’ passwords.

Annoyingly, Valve seemed to have known about this problem for months but hasn’t fixed it yet.

The Secret Club, a non-profit group, discovered the bug two years ago. They claim that they have questioned and brought this matter to Valve ever since. And as we can guess, Valve doesn’t want to admit it, let alone fix it. After all this time, the Secret Club finally decided to make this issue public. Previously Valve had prevented them from opening to the public.

According to a member of the Secret Club (@floesen), his party has reported interference and weaknesses in “remote code execution”, which could potentially affect all game engine sources. This is what allows a hacker to use this remote code execution flaw to do whatever they want to the user system, including accessing data and running programs.

The way it works is quite easy, if a player opens a bug that looks like a Steam invitation, hackers will immediately be able to access all personal information. This bug was found in the engine source of some of Valve’s game titles, one of which is CSGO.

Last but not least, the Secret Club also reveals its most terrifying effects. Hackers can also host community servers, send remote code execution to everyone in the lobby, and run scripts to steal their passwords and skins. Worse, hackers can also infect their hard drives with malware.

As a result, the Secret Club warned players to think twice before playing CSGO if they care about their personal data and information.

Will Valve just keep quiet? Given that until now there has not been any statement from them?

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