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Bren Coach Admits Nexplay is Better, Plans For Stronger Week 2

Dethan Dario

Overconfidence? Fans think so…

M2 MLBB reigning champion Bren Esports is performing as if they’re a low-tier organization after the roster trailed weak in the first week of MPL Philippines Season 7.

Bren has earned a 0-2 standing in the first week, a shocking winless start for the champs who made #BrenLangMalakas trend worldwide early this year.

Fans who were excited right before the MPL started were treated with disappointment, with some saying the team is being ‘too confident’.

“Bren esport don’t play too confident. It is clear that NXP went prepared in facing the world champ that’s way don’t be overconfident,” one fan commented in Bren Esports press conference.

Duckeyyy, Bren’s coach, also noticed their weak performance. He also admitted that Nexplay was better in their match-up.

“No excuses. Nexplay showed a great game… As in no whatever, but yah, as in beautiful performance,” he admitted.

Despite a weak comeback, Duckeyyy also promised a better Week 2 performance. “Week 2, expect smoother games as we already pinpointed our issues after our match with Nexplay,” he said.

The second week of MPL Season 7 is already on-going, and fans cannot wait for a comeback. The team is expected to play on March 27 and 28 against Aura PH and Execration, respectively.


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