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Jimbo Suspended for 3 Months After Threatening Opponent to “Get Shot in the Head”

Vberni Regalado

One of the Challengers Elite Call of Duty (COD) players, Bryan “Jimbo” Sabman, has been suspended by the League Committee for 3 months. But what caused his suspension?

As Jimbo competed in the COD Challengers Elite qualifier, the former uT Crew player gave an overly aggressive comment to Built By Gamers’ Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley.

His words were immediately recorded in the game voice communication recording and it quickly spread to cyberspace through various social media platforms. In the recording, it can be heard that Bryan Jimbo said “get shot in the head” to Matthew KiSMET.

Responding to this, Bryan “Jimbo” Sabman immediately clarified and apologized to the public. He admitted that he never intended to threaten his competitors. The words came out accidentally because it was a “hot” moment.

He claimed that his words were not an outright threat but a figurative one. The real intention that Jimbo was trying to convey at that moment was to warn him not to say that thing in real life, because KiSMET will get a shot in the head for that. However, because Bryan Jimbo’s English is a little less fluent, the words that come out seemed more like a death threat. Bryan Jimbo did not deny his mistake and immediately apologized.

Jimbo said he would use his suspension from the League to improve his mental health so that he could become more mature, and be able to evaluate himself for his mistakes.

It’s a little difficult when you enter the match, things that sound trivial can be fatal, especially when it gets to social media. Too many opinions have been formed by people.

Well, hopefully, with an apology from Bryan Jimbo, his suspension can be further hastened.


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