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TNC Hints Signing MidOne

Dethan Dario

Will we see a potential TNC.MidOne?

As MidOne closes its doors with OG, interested teams are now opening theirs for the legendary player.

TNC hints its interests in signing MidOne through its meme posted on Feacebook.

“Ahhh yes, the comfort of the SEA Server welcomes you home Midone” the organization wrote in its caption.

MidOne is a very versatile player who can play the roles of carry or mid efficiently.

TNC, being one of the favored teams in Southeast Asia is one of those who failed to secure a spot in the upcoming Singapore Major.

Many teams who failed in such qualifiers usually change their rosters, OG being one of them.

Could this mean that TNC is open to signing Agent MidOne, despite having an all-Filipino roster which they just built early this month.

MidOne has not released any hints on his next steps. But fans are hoping for his return in the SEA server. After all, Geek Fam, Execration, TNC, Fnatic, among others, are always open as options.


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