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DOTA 2 Hints Upcoming Heroes

Vberni Regalado

Many easter eggs have appeared based on the Anime Dota 2 trailers released by Valve. 

Previously, there was one person who discovered that the Anime Dota 2 poster that was issued had a QR Code that could lead to Valve’s unlisted Youtube link.

This time someone speculated that based on Dota 2’s Anime trailer, a new hero might arrive. This is because the player sees something new in Sanctums of the Divine landscape, a map from TI10, which now has sparkling flowers similar to the video trailer, namely Selemene’s Lotus flower.

The placement of the flowers ingame is also similar to the video trailer, where it is placed near the river.

Based on the lore, Selemene is a goddess adored by Mirana and Luna who has a sparkling lotus flower that is said to take her to the real world.

Valve also promises that it will release a new hero in January – April 2021, does this mean that Selemene will be released soon?


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