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Players Tagged as Cheaters By Streamers… Because They Are Better

Dethan Dario

RussDaddy, a Warzone streamer with a strong following has tagged a competitor as a cheater without strong evidence.

In discussions going viral online, RussDaddy’s erroneous accusation led to the player receiving hate comments from viewers.

The player under the name of felineprotector mentioned that his in-game calculation is what led to the suspicions of him using hax. “Nothing feels better than being called a hacker by a streamer when you’re legit,” he said.

Ironic, however, is that felineprotector encountered a legitimate hacker later in the same game.

These kinds of mistakes are no longer new in the Warzone scene as its previous season has shown blatant cheaters casually playing the game.

However, false accusations on stream should not be tolerated especially if this may affect competitor’s gaming future.


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