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Penalty Awaits Players for ‘In-Game’ Blunders

Vberni Regalado

The on-going League of Legends Pro League’s (LPL) top teams might surprise everyone regarding the teams sitting on top of the food chain.

Edward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and Team WE are the Demacia Cup 2020 finalists, and these teams share a 3-0 sweep face way back in December. 

Team WE, according to their interview, explained that the organization has set up a penalty mechanism so they won’t miss crucial gameplays. “We have a penalty mechanism so we don’t let-up. We take our trainings very seriously. For example, if we don’t buy vision wards or if we make a ridiculous play, [we’ll get fined],” mentions Breathe.

For the same objective, the team also rewards bonuses for players who win an MVP award with RMB 1,000 or $155. 

This type of system drew several opinions from fans citing that the organization is implementing an ‘Asian’ style of parenting which makes games incentives-based.

Chinese fans however took it more lightheartedly and joke that the fines that will be accrued will be used for the MVP reward.


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