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EVOS Says Fluffy’s Performance Better Than Dlar’s


Mohammad “Oner” Fakhreno, EVOS Legends’ Head of Esports, revealed why the team’s coaching staff did not field Filipino EXP laner Gerald “Dlar” Trinchera during the first leg of the MPL Indonesia Season 12.

Oner said that the team usually holds trials prior to the week to determine the main five that will play that week.

It looks like Dlar, unfortunately, was consistently bested by his counterpart, Regi “Fluffy” Marviola.

“Observing the progress of each week’s MPL tournament, at the beginning of the week during practice, we always have trials to determine the roster that will play in that week, receiving more practice time before match day,” said Oner.

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“The observations for this season indicate that Fluffy’s performance is still better than Dlar’s. This serves as the basis for us to achieve our goal of winning each match, where the best players will be part of the roster lineup,” he added.

Oner also confirmed that it was Dlar who left EVOS Legends.

“The decision to return to the Philippines came from Dlar’s personal choice. At the midpoint of each season (after completing leg 1), there is always a joint review conducted internally by the coaching staff and players, which refers to performance evaluations, particularly for Dlar,” he said.

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