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MPL MY Orders Kid, Z1PPY To Fulfill Contracts


MPL Malaysia issued warnings to Team Lunatix and Burmese players Hein “Kid” Thu and Kyaw “Z1PPY” Bo on Thursday.

In a significant update within the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports sphere, the contractual agreements of Kid and Z1PPY continue to hold them within the ranks of Team Lunatix. This resolute stance aligns with both contractual obligations and the regulations outlined by the MPL MY guidelines.

“Kid and Z1PPY’s contracts are still valid and running under Team Lunatix. As such, Kid and Z1PPY must fulfill the full terms of their contract agreements and are therefore not eligible to represent another team in other official MLBB esports tournaments for the duration as per MPL MY guidelines,” said the league in a statement.

“According to Rulebook Clause 5.2.2 Single Team Exclusivity, a player is only allowed to compete for the one team that they have an agreement with. A player will not be allowed to compete for more than one team simultaneously and therefore cannot be listed on the active roster of more than one team,” the league added.

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As outlined in the Rulebook Clause 5.2.2, emphasizing Single Team Exclusivity, players like Kid and Z1PPY are bound by their exclusive contracts. This provision ensures players are committed solely to the team with which they hold a contractual agreement. 

The intention is clear: to prevent players from engaging in multiple simultaneous team representations, thereby upholding the integrity of the competition.

Meanwhile, DJ was not reprimanded by the league as he and Team Lunatix agreed to terminate his contract before the series of unfortunate events transpired.

Team Lunatix, on the other hand, was obligated to pay the e-visa and flight tickets of both players.

Z1PPY and Kid both accused Team Lunatix of mismanagement.

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