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Kid Fires Back At Team Lunatix, Reveals Reason Why They Fled Malaysia


Burmese ML:BB star Hein “Kid” Thu revealed their side of the story following Team Lunatix’s statement which detailed how the three Myanmar-based players fled Malaysia despite being lined up for the upcoming MPL Malaysia Season 12.

Kid was joined by gold laner Zippx and coach DJ in Team Lunatix before the unfortunate series of events transpired.

Kid Burmese Ghouls: "Kita Ingin Bertemu EVOS Legends di Playoff!"

Addressing false accusations, Kid clarifies that the rift between him and Team Lunatix is not a result of cultural or lifestyle differences. 

Contrary to circulating rumors, Kid emphasizes that he was comfortable with Malaysian cuisine, culture, and lifestyle. These differences were accounted for before joining the team, and any allegations suggesting otherwise are baseless.

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Kid details the contractual terms agreed upon by the players and the team, including their roles and salaries. However, upon arrival at the gaming house, they encountered multiple issues. Despite their requests, essential details like pictures of the gaming house were not provided. The housing conditions were less than desirable, with malfunctioning toilets, broken furniture, and a lack of basic amenities.

The players also encountered privacy breaches, with one of the housemates recording private conversations without their consent. These recordings were shared without permission, raising concerns about the lack of respect for their privacy within the gaming house.

The team experienced significant financial challenges, with delayed payments, unfulfilled promises, and insufficient funds to cover daily necessities. This financial strain led to mounting frustrations and difficulties affording even basic meals.

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Mismanagement and communication breakdowns further exacerbated the situation. The players’ requests for E-visas and flight tickets were ignored, and their requests for reimbursements were met with delays and unfulfilled promises.

Kid outlines instances where players faced threats and intimidation, such as Zippy’s case of exploring opportunities with another MPL team, which was met with threats of legal action. This atmosphere of fear and uncertainty contributed to their decision to leave Malaysia.

The issues raised highlight the importance of effective management, open communication, and the need to ensure the well-being of players in the esports industry. The incident also underscores the need for transparency, professionalism, and mutual respect between teams and players. 

As the esports industry continues to grow, addressing such controversies becomes essential to maintaining its credibility and providing a safe and conducive environment for players to excel in their passion.

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