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Tundra Esports Wanted To Protest BetBoom’s Punishment in Bali Major


Tundra Esports reportedly expressed its support to BetBoom following the sanctions they received which ultimately led to their demise at the Bali Major.

According to a vlog posted by BetBoom, Tundra Esports told their players that they did not believe that Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko gained an advantage when he used the alt+tab function during their match in the upper bracket.

Tundra Esports even tried to protest by not playing against Team Liquid in the upper bracket semifinals but they were threatened by the organizers with a default loss. The reigning The International champion also agreed to a rematch with BetBoom but the organizers nixed the idea.

BetBoom actually won against Tundra Esports but the result was eventually reversed which sent them down the lower bracket.

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After that, Pure was banned from competing in the tournament. The team lost to Azure Ray in round one of the lower bracket.

BetBoom still managed to qualify to The International 12 after Quest Esports failed to reach a top three finish at the Bali Major.

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