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Philippines trounces Vietnam for Wild Rift SEA Games gold

Dethan Dario

The Philippines emerged as champions over Vietnam in the Wild Rift competition at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games on May 7 at the renowned Nagaworld: Olympia Mall.

Led by the talented members of Nigma Galaxy, including Chammy Nazarrea, Golden Hart Dajao, Aaron Bingay, Justin Tan, and Reniel Angara, the Philippines delivered an outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

Their journey began with a flawless victory over Singapore, winning with a score of 3-0. This impressive success propelled them to the upper bracket finals against Vietnam, where Sibol, the Philippines’ team, staged an incredible comeback, securing a hard-fought 3-2 win and earning their place in the grand finals.

Meanwhile, Vietnam earned a chance for redemption by eliminating Singapore in the lower bracket finals, setting up an eagerly anticipated rematch with the formidable Sibol squad in the ultimate showdown.

However, the grand finals turned out to be completely one-sided, with the Filipinos showcasing breathtaking skill and strategy, leaving their opponents in disarray.

Sibol adopted an objective-centric approach right from the start, which proved to be highly effective in Game 1. They quickly took control of the match, maintaining their dominance throughout and securing a resounding 14-7 victory.

Game 2 witnessed a repetition of Sibol’s dominance, as they displayed unparalleled command over the Vietnamese team. A pivotal clash for the Baron Nashor became the turning point, with Sibol emerging victorious, obliterating three adversaries and paving the way for an unstoppable Nexus siege. The game ended with an emphatic 20-11 victory for the Philippines.

Although Vietnam managed to mount a comeback in Game 3, defying a significant early-game deficit, Sibol remained undeterred. They unleashed an unrelenting onslaught in Game 4, ultimately claiming the gold medal in the tournament.

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