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Todak Coach Makes Disturbing Comments Towards MPL MY Host


Todak head coach Behave made creepy comments towards MPL Malaysia Season 11 host Rose during the league’s live broadcast last Saturday.

Prior to Todak’s match-up against Team SMG in the second day of the MPL Malaysia Week One, Rose talked to Behave for the pre-game interview where the Filipino head coach made some disturbing remarks about the host.

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Rose broke the ice and started the interview by telling Behave not to be shy. The latter responded by saying: “Di nga ako nahihiya sa’yo e.”

It turns out, the Filipino head coach is telling the truth and he is not really shy at all.

The MPL Malaysia host delivered another question, this time asking if Behave on what it feels like to coach in a foreign country. She also asked if the coach misses his family.

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“Coach, how does it feel to be coaching in another country? ‘Di ba nasa Malaysia ka, malayo siya. Namimiss mo ba pamilya mo,” asked Rose.

Behave then made disturbing comments right after which definitely took Rose, a Filipino-Singaporean, by surprise.

“Hindi. Kukuhain ko naman yung instagram mo mamaya e,” said Behave, who has yet to prove anything in the scene, before hiding behind his microphone with a smirk.

(No. Because I will get your Instagram later.)

Rose, despite the awkward situation, handled it like a pro and smiled before translating what Behave said for the Malaysian viewers to understand.

Behave, on the other hand, ended the interview by saying that the Todak team is just acting stupid on social media but they have a lot in store both for the fans and their opponents.

“We’re just acting stupid on social media but we prepared a lot for you guys.”

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