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RRQ makes bold move, releases Fiel and Arcadia in the midst of MPL ID S11


Indonesian esports organization RRQ has announced the departure of Michael “Arcadia” Bocado and Petra “Fiel” Giovanni from its coaching staff during MPL ID Season 11.

The news was shared on RRQ’s official Instagram page, citing a need for the two to take a break and be temporarily inactive due to a sudden family issue.

The departure of the coaching staff members comes after RRQ’s losing streak of four games in a row during Week 4.

While the Instagram post does not explicitly state if the losing streak was the reason for the sudden departure, it is a possibility.

In response to the departure of Arcadia and Fiel, Regi “NasiUduk” Kurniawan was announced as the new coach for RRQ.

He previously served as the coach of Alter Ego for almost four seasons, including Alter Ego’s win in MPLI 2020.

NasiUduk will no longer use his IGN NasiUduk and will instead use BangDuk, indicating his readiness to start a new chapter.

The departure of Arcadia and Fiel is a significant change for RRQ midway through the MPL ID Season 11.

The team will have to quickly adapt to the new coaching staff as they continue to compete in the league.

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