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Ephey, Cap, Many Others, Not Casting This DPC Season


Famous casters such as Ephey, Cap, and more find themselves jobless as they would not be casting this season’s DPC.

Although casters were often integral to fans’ enjoyment of the game, the upcoming DPC seems to be lacking in them. Some of the fan favorites, such as Ephey and Cap, won’t be casting the upcoming DPC season.

Since the organizers had been radio silent about it, the casters took it into their hands to explain the situation.

In a thread dedicated to his exclusion from DPC casting, Cap explained the situation to Dota fans. Turns out Cap was arranging a specified studio, dedicated to casting the upcoming DPC. However, the tournament organizers seemed to opt for alternatives.

Cap also added that there was someone in his team that was ‘blacklisted’ by the tournament organizers.

Ephey also shared her unemployment to the upcoming DPC season in her alternative Twitter account. Abed, the current midlaner for Shopify Rebellion, also retweeted her tweet, indicating a serious plea for employment.

Fans’ reactions were less pleasant as information was coming out for fan-favorite casters to not cast in the upcoming DPC.

They felt the current tournament organizer, PGL, was ‘killing’ the Dota 2 pro scene. Casters of the game were part of the immersion while watching games, and they felt the favorites always delivered the best quality for it.

Now, they had to settle with unknown, upcoming casters that might ‘ruin’ the games with their sub-par casting.

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