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Qojqva Feuds with Febby After Disastrous Run with Arkosh


Qojqva seems to have a feud with his fellow Arkosh 2.0 member, Febby, after their disastrous run in DPC 2023 NA Closed Qualifier.

After Arkosh’s disastrous run in the DPC 2023 NA Closed Qualifier, fans began to point fingers. Some felt that most of the players did not take the qualifier seriously. There were also opinions that the players themselves were not suitable for the professional scene anymore.

However, Qojqva had other ideas about their elimination and started by pointing out Febby’s inclusion into the team.

While streaming, Qojqva began telling a story about his time with Arkosh 2.0 and its downfall.

“You know what the true story is? When Slacks told me what the team was, I asked Slacks, why not Grubby 5?” Qojqva began his passive-aggressive attacks on Febby.

“I legit asked him because I don’t really know how good Febby is, or like, I didn’t really know who he was. I’m not making this up.”

Qojqva began to question Febby’s inclusion from the moment Slacks told him of the team’s composition in the call. He even offered an alternative of having a famous streamer with a rank of Legend as Febby’s replacement on the team.

However, Qojqva gave his argument that Grubby was ‘seriously learning’ the game, and he would be able to ‘tell him what to do’. He also felt that Febby no longer has the passion for Dota, as whenever he tunes to Febby’s stream, other games would be played.

Fans’ reactions were less forgiving towards Qojqva’s dismissive attitude against Febby. They felt Qojqva was misdirecting his anger toward the support player.

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