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Funbet8: An Evolution of Esports Betting


Funbet8 represents an evolution to esports betting with a wide variety of games for bettors to explore. Good thing, it’s already launching today!

After a long development and a number of teasers with the cooperation of Hyprgame, Funbet8 officially launched its website. Bettors could explore the website to see a variety of games available. Esports and sports betting, Live Casino, and Slots are just some of the available games bettors can enjoy, and win real money!

Funbet8, with its abbreviation of FB8, is the new one-stop shop for all of your betting needs!

The selection of games was huge in variety, including games such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and League of Legends for the esports category. With the season starting anew for the esports titles, the timing would be perfect to start betting at FB8.

FB8 also covers a lot of tournaments available to be bet on, as seen here:

Aside from the upcoming 2023 DPC, bettors could still earn their winnings by betting on online tournaments as well. The coverage enables bettors to have alternatives and more insight into which tournament has the most potential.

There were also esports-themed betting games should bettors want to have more varieties with their betting.

One of the examples would be the Dota 2 Attack, which presents a 50/50 chance for the player to win a payout based on the “Attack Ratings” of the “Heroes”.

Other games were also available for the bettors to play with a more familiar setting, such as “CS:GO Flip” and “LOL Draft”.

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