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After a brief playing run with EG, and a coaching stint with Team Liquid, Jerax retires from Dota for the second time.

Although Jerax’s return as a player was hyped, things did not go well for him. He went from a superstar soft support to unstable hard support for Evil Geniuses. Worse, his performance was often criticized for being out of position and ‘feeding’.

After his latest stint with Team Liquid as their coach, Jerax proceeded to retire from Dota once again.

Jerax gave a short update regarding his situation for the Dota scene in a Twitlonger. In the long message, he told a story about his time with Team Liquid as their coach. He felt rewarded by their latest success, although they fell short of winning The International 11.

However, at the same time, Jerax felt something was wrong during his return to Dota professional scene.

He felt his passion for the game was slowly dying due to numerous reasons. His enjoyment of the game was not even present anymore, and he found it difficult to accept. As such, Jerax decided to step away from Dota once again for the foreseeable future.

Going forward, he told his future plans as a professional gamer or even other roles.

He would try to play more games in the future to bring his passion back to professional gaming. Jerax also wished Team Liquid’s new roster luck after his time with the team.

The retired player also wished luck to his fellow TI Winners, who were now playing under the “Old G” team.

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