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Ammar Officially Replaces Miracle in Nigma Galaxy


After a countless speculations for his future, Ammar has committed to become a carry for Nigma Galaxy as Miracle’s replacement.

Both Nigma Galaxy and Ammar would be glad to see their future get resolved in time. Their commitment was sealed as the team announced the young player’s introduction as the team’s latest addition.

With Miracle taking a break, Ammar would be playing as the carry for Nigma Galaxy.

The announcement video made by Nigma received praises from their fans. In the video, Miracle was relaxing before playing on his computer while taking a bottle of water. Then, while he was playing Dota, a flash of light suddenly showed Ammar standing beside him.

Miracle noticed his presence, and asked the person a question. “Wanna take over?”

The person, revealed to be Ammar, simply said “sure” and started playing on his computer. While Ammar was playing, Miracle saw the gameplay and felt satisfied with his gameplay. He then tapped Ammar’s shoulder while welcoming the young player to the team.

The announcement video saw praises from fans who felt it was different from the usual “announcement” videos.

Despite the praises, many were still unsure about the young player’s addition to the team. They felt Ammar’s playstyle might not mesh with Kuroky’s vision of the game. Ammar was highly known for his aggressive gameplay once he knows he has a slight advantage.

However, there were also fans who felt Kuroky could bring the best out of the Jordanian prodigy.

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