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“Old OG” Now Official With Former The International Champs


Three of the main pillars of OG, Notail, Ceb, and Topson, to revive with “Old OG”.

Rumors are spreading on some of the “Old OG” wanting to reunite and play in the bottom division only for fun. At first, fans say these rumors are groundless, and are hoping for the squad to focus on their younger team instead.

However, an interesting development happened with Notail and Topson leading the way to revive the “Old G”. Recently, Ces was confirmed to join the Old OG as well.

Although the team was not announced officially yet, they already had submitted their roster. The official DPC registration list hold every entry to the circuit from players, to ensure transparency.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when both Notail and Topson registered a team under the name “Old G”.

They will be accompanied by a veteran of the Dota pro scene as well since a full reunion seemed difficult. No[o]ne-, a seasoned veteran and a serial Major winner, would join the team. Although his role was not clear yet, many think he will be joining as the carry.

This was evident due to the fact that No[o]ne- had been playing carry heroes in his recent public matches.

MSS will also be joining the team, playing as the soft support position for the team. It is confirmed that Jerax won’t be returning as Notail’s partner for the support duo.

Although there were disappointments that Jerax won’t be joining, some fans still feel excited with MSS joining. He was one of the better performing players in Quincy Crew during TI11.

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