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TSM Welcomes SEA and EU Superstars Whitemon and Ari


TSM confirmed the widespread rumor ever since the reshuffle by welcoming SEA superstar Whitemon and British player from ITB, Ari.

With the reshuffle season drawing to a close, TSM became one of the teams to finalize their roster. After the departure of both of their supports, TSM welcomed both Whitemon and Ari into the roster as their replacements.

It was widely expected that TSM would continue to thrive in the NA region with their latest additions.

TSM announced the inclusion of both support players via various social media accounts, including Twitter. The organization included plays of both players in their announcement videos, a move which was praised by fans.

Although Whitemon’s inclusion was an obvious choice, fans were still unsure about Ari’s inception to the roster.

However, Whitemon himself had not seen the best of 2022 DPC with T1. Many fans argued that Whitemon did his best as a support, and his plays were game-changing for teams. This was rarely seen from a hard support player.

Therefore, there were opinions that fans should give Ari a chance to prove himself first.

Although Ari had only been going in and out of Division 2 WEU DPC, his profile had been widely on the radar for some big teams. He was one of the players that managed to climb the MMR ladder by exclusively playing a support role.

One of the players who’ve done this notably was Saksa, the recent TI winner with Tundra Esports.

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