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Arteezy Hints at Revival of the Old SADBOYS Team


The legendary SADBOYS team tag might be back ever since Arteezy hinted about its return on his social media profile.

Old-school Dota players would not be a stranger to the name SADBOYS. After all, it was the legendary team that brought Arteezy, Cr1t, Zai, Fear, and Universe together. They went on to be signed by EG, and after some roster changes, won The International 2015.

After being teamless due to EG picking up a roster from South America, Arteezy indicated the return of SADBOYS.

Fans immediately discovered his hint ever since he put the SADBOYS2023 tag on his Twitter profile. Although recent fans might not recognize the name, veteran fans of Dota esports scene immediately know the significance.

Speculations began to rose pertaining to whether Arteezy would not be taking a break, and forming a sponsorless team with others.

SADBOYS themselves was lightning in a bottle for the Dota esports scene back in 2014. It consisted of several veterans with little achievements, and hungry young players eager to win titles. This mixture earned them the sponsorship from EG, although the original roster did not win The International 2015.

Instead, the addition of Aui_2000 and Sumail pushed them to the next level, winning the prestigious TI5.

Fly had also talked in his stream about how most of the ex-EG would stick together and play in the NA region. However, he also said there would be some changes, although he was not sure yet.

With Arteezy’s revelation, players hoped that the SADBOYS was referring to the ex-EG, although with some changes.

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