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Seleri Explains Why Roster Team Reveal is Difficult


Although it’s bad for exposure, rosters often become final only before the roster lock by Valve, and Seleri explained why.


Roster changes are often down until the last minute before the roster lock happened. Many fans thought that it was a bad practice, and plead with the teams to make their roster official way faster.

However, Seleri explained the reasons behind late updates for a team roster, which was due to paperwork.

The support player gave an insider insight regarding finalizing a team’s roster in a Reddit post. He felt that it was appropriate for him to share a little about the backstage of finalizing rosters.

Seleri also leaked a little about their potential new coach, which they had interviewed a week ago.

He continued to explain the logistics behind the roster reshuffles which was quite complicated. Although their roster was “done”, it was not official until the contracts were signed by both parties.

Although there was a low chance of it failing through, he felt it was better to be “safe than sorry”.

The insight explained the delay between official roster announcements by teams. Even a huge team such as Team Secret and OG found it difficult to do an early announcement due to these contractual negotiations.

Fans felt relief by Seleri’s explanation about the delay of the announcements. They were also happy that a player shared an insight into the professional scene itself.

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