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T1 Exits Dota Following Disappointing Results


After a number of disappointing results during DPC 2022, T1 turned its back on the Dota scene for the time being. However, they hinted to return in the future.

T1 finally decided to cut their losses and took the exit route from the Dota professional scene after three years. Starting in 2019, they achieved numerous things with their old roster such as finishing in top place at Animajor and TI10.

Despite this exit, however, their CEO did not discount the fact that they will return in the future, most possibly in 2024.

T1 announced its exit via its official social media posts, including on Twitter. They thanked their current roster which consisted of Topson, ana, Kuku, Xepher, and Whitemon. They also wished them luck in their future in the professional Dota scene.

T1 did not forget to also thank the fans for their support of the team as well.

Fans were in disbelief after hearing about T1 disbandment from the scene. They felt T1 still had the potential to continue as a team, or even do another roster shuffle. However, their drastic choice of straight-up disbanding the team left a bitter taste in the fans.

They were worried about the competitive side of Dota dying out due to the number of teams exiting the Dota professional scene.

However, the officials of T1 painted a different story regarding their disbandment. Although the poor performance certainly contribute, they reasoned that it was done to avoid the financial pitfalls that the esports team currently suffers.

They would instead focus on other esports titles that they have currently, and would look forward to returning to Dota in 2024 or so.

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