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Dota 2 Average Player Count Reaches a New High


Despite the controversy surrounding The International 11, Dota 2 average player count reached a new high.

Although The International 11 tournament was marred by controversy, players are still returning to play Dota. It was evidently seen by the new high of Dota average player count in the last 30 days.

The last time the player count reached this high was back in June 2019, while Dota was experiencing a surge of players.

This was seen within the Steam statistics player counts for Steam games. Dota players were regaining numbers after a dip in February, going from 485,000 in January to 450,000 in February.

After the dip, the player count exponentially increases from 450,000 in June 2022, towards 500,000 in the last 30 days.

Many have different opinions on what triggered the increase of player counts. Some says that it was the hype of The International 11 that brought them back to the game.

Others have an opinion that International 2021 True Sight also plays a part in the increasing player count for Dota.

However, many players were concerned that the player count will return to below 500,000 after the hype of The International 11. Many hopes that Valve would bring innovations to keep the players engaged with the game.

The upcoming Diretide for the second half of 2022 Battle Pass was also seen as one of the possible factor to keep the average player count high.

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