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Champ Slayers: ONIC New Breeds Shock Blacklist with Backdoor

Dethan Dario

ONIC Philippines’ young guns shocked the reigning world champs with a surprising backdoor in game 1, 2-0.

The reigning word champs have now been tainted by the new breeds.

The series’ first game was a traditional banning phase against Blacklist.

ONIC’s drafting phase decided to ban most of OhMyV33nus’ heroes. The young squad decided to ban Diggie, Mathilda, Estes, Lolita, and Beatrix.

Meanwhile, the TierOne-backed team decided to respect ONIC’s heroes. The team opted to cancel Chou, Wanwan, Ling, Selena, and Clint from ONIC’s selection.

The early game of the series favored ONIC with their aggressive draft. With Akai securing his ult, the team decided to draw the first blood.

Onic Blacklist

Although back on the ropes, Oheb’s Claude completely turned the tables down after policing three kills for the team after an almost-wipeout clash favoring ONIC.

With things starting to slow down, Blacklist started to make moves on their own, eventually taking Faramis by surprise.

Securing a 4 v 5, the squad focused on securing a Lord. With their secured objective, the squad shattered ONIC’s towers in top lane.

Everything looked clear for the young squad after Rapidoot’s Atlas locked three heroes with his ult 16-minutes in.

However, Blacklist looked to counter after sustaining the ult, ultimately turning the tables against ONIC.

A shocking feat struck Blacklist who was already poised to take the game. Out of nowhere, a sneaky Nets with a fed Bruno stole the game from behind.

ONIC took game one 16:18 minutes in.

GAME 2 RECAP: Blacklist vs ONIC

The second game of the series appeared like a reply in terms of ONIC’s banning decisions.

Similar with game 1, ONIC played aggressively right after Sensui’s Akai secured his ultimate.

Despite Blacklist trying their best to equalize, the young squad appeared more hungry after taking clash after clash.

The reigning world champs tried to turn the tides after stealing the lord mid-game. Despite taking a huge objective, the team remained behind ONIC.

With their huge lead, a complete snowball captured the reigning champs with a sweep.

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