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MobaZane: Ranked Games Harder in PH than ID

Dethan Dario

MobaZane is once again pitting MLBB PH and MLBB ID scenes against each other!


BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun is an experienced player who has a history of playing in pubs in SEA.

After the M3 championships, MobaZane pledged to experience the scene in the SEA region.

One of his best experiences is playing both in Indonesia (ID) and the Philippines (PH).

Mobile Legends News: MobaZane, BTK

Recently, MobaZane alongside his teammate Ian “FwydChickn” Hohl and Victor appeared as special guests in MPL ID Season 10.

In his appearance, MobaZane claimed that ranked games in PH are much harder than in ID.

He says he sees more troll players in ID than in PH.

“They take rank way more seriously in the Philippines than they do here [in Indonesia],” he told.

“… the Philippines, give a lot more tryhard rank players there, amateur tryhards,” he added.

The BTK captain also told that Indonesian players are much more focused on scrims. Meanwhile, he says Filipino players play in both ranked games and in scrims.

BTK MobaZane

“I’d be meeting a lot of amateurs, pros in PH. Here, I barely meet anybody, just rank players,” explained the NA star.

Currently, MobaZane is residing in Indonesia where he aims to improve his gameplay. However, reports say his BTK squad may not be waving the same flag in the professional scene as they plan to jump ship to a different team.

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