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OMG Takes 2-0 Route vs NXPE Following Sweaty Game 2

Dethan Dario

OMEGA (OMG) has taken the sweet sweep against Nexplay (NXPE), 2-0, in the 3rd week of MPL Philippines.

The first game of the series was an early 2-0 for OMG, opening up a sure turtle at 02:26.

Lit up with an annoying Chou pick on Mikko, the team completely surprised NXPE in a team fight opening another turtle for at 04:46.

NXPE tried to retaliate with H2wo diving for a kill at 6:58, eventually taking the bottom tower for their first objective.

Trying to hold on to their momentum, YellyHaze Yve tried to set up for the squad, but countered by Kelra’s blazing duet. OMG expands their lead to 6-2, 8:10 minutes in.

Fed with confidence, OMG secured a Lord take. Mikko spiced up their objective by setting up a bonus kill on Micophobia’s Rafaela.

OMG snowballed guided by their marching lord eventually taking two towers. The team expanded the gold lead to 10k.

After taking perfect objectives, OMG once again secured their second lord at 12:38. This time, the team marched towards NXPE’s base who was ready for defense 13:40 minutes in.

Despite being cornered, NXPE kept hope alive with a disciplined YellyHaze setting up a perfect timing with Real World Manipulation.

Sending OMG home, NXPE tried to speed run a comeback but to no avail with OMG’s solid defense.

Trying a gg push the second time, OMG tried hard but was stomped once more by NXPE’s quality defense.

However, Renzio outmaneuvered NXPE, taking a quick kill, eventually opening u space for OMG creating a 4 v 3 situation with Kelra as sacrifice.

Despite lead, NXPE’s stubborn defense pushed back, turning the tides, killing two players giving them a bonus enhanced lord take.

Blessed by the marching lord, NXPE once again tried to march straight to a game one win.

However, a quick Mikko stole a kill, setting up the team’s final blow. OMG takes the lead, 1-0.

GAME 2: Omega vs Nexplay Recap

Unlike game one, NXPE drew the first blood eventually equalized by Raizen’s Fanny pick.

With OMG’s aggressive line up, the team took an early lead. With their snowball potential, the squad controlled essentially the whole map, giving them the first turtle.

While OMG was capitalizing on their map control, NXPE focused on their own lanes giving up farm for DONUT’s Beatrix.

Having their power spikes, NXPE completely turned the tables against OMG, stealing the lead and a commanding number of kills over OMG.

Fed with multiple objectives and kills, NXPE tried to take the fast route against OMG, running straight to their base with their secured lord.

However, the OMG defended their glory and held the rampaging Nexplay EVOS who were forced to retreat.

Despite being down with 11 kills, OMG appears to be at par with NXP as established by their almost equal gold standing.

Stretching over 30-minutes, Kelra decided the game with his destructive Blazing Duet eventually taking multiple heroes vs NXPE.

Opened with a crucial opportunity, OMG chased down NXPE’s remaining heroes taking the game 37 minutes in. Baranggay Omega has completely stolen the game, finishing with a 2-0.

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