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The NBA Jam Announcer hype will be coming to Dota!

Dota has various announcer packs, from heroes like Juggernaut and Dark Willow, to collaborations with other games. In fact, Dota also has an announcer pack from Gabe Newell itself which is quite funny, although difficult to get.

As it turned out, SirActionSlacks made another innovation, teaming up with SUNSfan and the original NBA announcer, Tim Kitzrow, from the game NBA Jam!

Through various social media, including Youtube and Reddit, SirActionSlacks and SUNSfan announced the Dota Jam Announcer Pack. They work directly with the announcer from NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, who is quite legendary for NBA Jam players.

However, just like item submission from the community, the announcer pack needs to get enough votes first.

Apparently, there are several players who have used mods to host NBA Jam announcers into Dota. If this announcer pack got into the game, it is not impossible that Dota can be more famous among the public, especially among basketball fans.

From the preview, it looks like Slacks and SUNSfan also wrote lore-accurate script lines with appropriate hype on it.

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