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OG, Secret Beef Resurface Following N0tail’s Retweet

Dethan Dario

OG just topped WEU DPC, and N0tail is starting to rekindle his beef against Team Secret!

OG and Team Secret

OG and Team Secret has always been on each other’s bad side over the years. With a beef already heating since a few years back, a similar banter is starting to emerge once again.

Recently, OG has reclaimed its throne in the WEU region. With this, the very proud two-time TI champ Johan “N0tail” Sundstein took to Twitter with his emotions.

N0tail, in a not-so-surprising manner, revived Team Secret’s tweet from last year. Secret’s 2021 tweet poked fun at OG in all aspects, including how they manage their social media pages.

Johan took a jab at Secret by reviving this old tweet, sarcastically saying, “Thanks for the advice 🙏 good luck next dpc!”

In a traditional Secret way, the organization responded by pointing out that N0tail was traumatized by the banters, and had to revive an old tweet.

“When the banter traumatized you so hard you have to dig 1-year-old tweets 🤪 GG GO NEXT,” read their reply.

This is not the first time for OG N0tail and Team Secret to engage in banter.

Secret, famous for trolling, picked on OG’s 2021 roster by calling them trash. This, also added by their famous tweet, “OG is a fantastic team, they just need to work on drafting, coordination, discipline, map awareness, teamfight, Twitter game, lane control, ward placement and mail opening.”

Currently, OG has a relatively young roster with minimal experience. However, the team excelled in Tour 2 of DPC and managed to make it to the top.

Meanwhile, Team Secret’s veteran roster disappointingly finished in the top 5.

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